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Getinge Aquadis 56

Versatile washer-disinfectors with efficient throughput and sustainable performance.

Getinge Aquadis 56 is a versatile washer-disinfector with efficient throughput and sustainable performance
Choose single or pass-through models with manual folding or automatic sliding doors to improve space utilization
Getinge Aquadis 56 comes in two different models: 56M with manual folding door and 56A with automatic vertical sliding door.

Choose the high-performance device that meets your long-term sustainability goals.

There can be no trade-offs between sustainability and safety. Efficient and
versatile Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors provide effective cleaning and high
throughput in a small physical and environmental footprint.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfector automatic and manual doors


Choose single or pass-through models with manual folding or automatic sliding doors to improve space utilization; compatible with standard storage, transfer, and loading trolleys to ensure economical process flow

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfector for superior cleaning with low utility consumption

High-performance cleaning

Dual-pump technology ensures optimized water pressure for superior cleaning with low water usage

Getinge 6-level wash cart for up to 12 DIN trays

High capacity
- up to 12 DIN trays

Easily customizable wash carts ensure individual processing needs are met perfectly and adapt the same wash cart for many different purposes. Just rearrange it for the sizes, volumes or types of load you need to process for the moment.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors with dual-pump technology

Eco-friendly features

  • Speed control and dual-circulation pumps use water more efficiently
  • Efficient cycles use less water and energy
  • Precise detergent dosing and dilution minimize waste

Technical data

Measurements - external

Model   56M 56A
Width mm / in 650 / 25 9/16
Depth mm / in 690 /27 3/16 760 /29 15/16
Height* mm / in 1,950 / 76 49/64

Measurements - internal

Model   56M 56A
Wash levels (up to) pcs 6
Chamber volume (gross) L / gal 298 / 79
Chamber volume (effective) L / gal 229 / 61
Chamber width (effective) mm / in 555 / 21 27/32
Chamber depth (effective) mm / in 618 / 24 21/64
Chamber height (effective) mm / in 667 / 26 17/64
DIN** trays/load pcs 12
SPRI II*** trays/load pcs 10

    * = Height of the front of the machine that will be recessed in a wall
  ** = DIN = 480x250x50mm
*** = SPRI II = 340x250x70mm

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors with automatic and manual doors

Efficient throughput - sustainable performance

At Getinge, we designed the Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors with a “less is more” mentality. They use less energy, water, and detergent while delivering more efficient and effective cleaning of instruments and equipment – allowing you to spend less money over the life cycle of the product.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfector with centric intuitive user-interface

Intuitive design

The Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors feature an innovative, user-friendly interface display. The intuitive design requires less training, and can be easily operated by staff at all experience levels.

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