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DPTE® Transfer Trolley

The smart, mobile transfer platform for use with all DPTE® Beta solutions.

Using the DPTE® Transfer Trolley safeguards optimum production efficiency and filling line uptime, guaranteeing the complete integrity of the product inside the DPTE® aseptic transfer system.

Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a 350 stainless steel DPTE® Beta Container
Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a 105 DPTE-BetaBag® Tyvek filled with components
An operator using the DPTE® Transfer Trolley to lift a 270 stainless steel DPTE® Beta Container

Safe, Smart and Simple

  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Speed-up manual aseptic zone processes
  • Double the utility for multiple applications
  • Compact footprint

The DPTE® Transfer Trolley places the safety of your operators and process first.

Its ergonomic, power-assisted design enables easy and safe handling of heavy and fragile loads within confined spaces.

Minimal training is required to take advantage of its full maneuverability including precision motors for fine-tuned positioning, programmable memory functions to set and restore pinpoint alignments, and multi-directional castors
for maximum mobility.

With adjustable height and memorizable positions, its smart functions help speed-up manual aseptic zone processes and improve ergonomics.

Watch the video to view the trolley's full capabilities.

Produkty powiązane

An operator using the DPTE® Transfer Trolley to connect a container to a DPTE® Alpha Port


Prioritize safety for your people, processes, and products.

This solution is power-assisted with enhanced ergonomics for ease of handling. Using it is almost effortless and, because it has been specially designed for the DPTE® system, you never have to worry about the integrity of the DPTE® Beta and Alpha parts.

An operator tilting the DPTE® Transfer Trolley's platform


Work smarter with power-assisted controls. 

Its ease of maneuverability reduces aseptic zone disruption and increases production uptime. Operators gain full command of fine-tuned positioning to achieve the elevations and tilts they need, and can store precise alignments to its onboard memory.

An operator transferring components from a DPTE-BetaBag® using a DPTE® Transfer Trolley


Optimize production, your way.

Only the DPTE® Transfer Trolley combines two aseptic transfer solutions in one product through its cross-compatibility with DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta containers (3 diameters). You get double the utility for multiple applications, all within a small, compact footprint.

Available as one single model with two different configurations

The flexibility of the DPTE® Transfer Trolley extends the value of all DPTE® Alpha port environments by combining support for both single-use DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta Container solutions.

DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a DPTE-BetaBag® platform

DPTE-BetaBag® configuration

  • Compatible with Tyvek, PE, and PU bags
  • Compatible with 105, 190, and 270 diameters
DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a DPTE® Beta Container platform

DPTE® Beta Container configuration

  • Compatible with PE and Stainless Steel containers
  • Compatible with 190, 270, and 350 diameters