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Flow-i Anesthesia Machine

Our innovative model for low-flow anesthesia delivery

Flow-i is a highly advanced anesthesia machine offering our innovative Automatic Gas Control (AGC) and providing you with tools to ensure the perfect flow and finetune personalized delivery even for challenging patients. Flow-i is suitable for highly specialized procedures such as pediatric and robotic surgery.[2][5]

It’s a dynamic solution including an ergonomic, height adjustable version and a ceiling mounted model suitable for the Hybrid OR. 

Dynamic Anesthesia Delivery - Every. Breath. Counts.

Getinge Flow-i anesthesia machine provides safe, personalized and cost-efficient care for the most challenging patients.
Getinge Flow-i anesthesia machine offers a unique height adjustable model to tailor your working position in the OR.
Getinge’s highly advanced and ceiling mounted Flow-i anesthesia machine is especially suitable for the Hybrid OR.

Advanced anesthesia for all situations

Flow-i anesthesia machine provides safe, personalized and cost-efficient care. All to meet the needs of operating rooms that treat challenging patients.  

  • ICU-grade ventilation performance
  • Safe and easy low-flow anesthesia
  • MAC Brain for informed anesthetic dosing decisions
  • Active hypoxia prevention with O2Guard
  • Lung Recruitment Maneuvers to prevent postoperative complications

Reduce anesthetic agent


58% reduction with Automatic Gas Control

A study shows that the unique Automatic Gas Control (AGC) in Flow-i anesthesia machine, lowers sevoflurane wastage by up to 58%;
a sustainable and economic approach without compromising patient safety. [6]

Low flow – low impact

With low-flow anesthesia, a lower amount of anesthetic agent is released into the environment, reducing the impact of fluorocarbons and nitrous oxide on the ozone layer, thus reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions.


Produkterna, tillgängligheten för anestesisystemen i Flow-serien och programversionen kan vänta på regulatoriska godkännanden för marknadsföring i ditt land. Vänligen kontakta din Getinge-representant för mer information. De uttalanden som lämnas av läkare är uteslutande läkarens och speglar inte nödvändigtvis Getinges uppfattning.
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Our unique anesthesia technology makes the difference

AGC Anesthesia Flow

Automatic Gas Control (AGC)

Safe and easy low-flow anesthesia

Automatic Gas Control (AGC) makes low-flow anesthesia delivery safe. Automation eliminates the need of continuous manual adjustments: with simple pre-settings, specifying the targeted inspired oxygen, end-tidal anesthetic agent levels and required speed, AGC solves the rest. Our innovation offers high precision combined with improved comfort and increased safety. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

o2guard anesthesia flow


Active hypoxia prevention

Our O2Guard is the world’s only system for active hypoxia prevention. Should the inspired oxygen level drop below 21%, the O2Guard automatically overrules the settings and increases the flow of oxygen. [7]

Mac brain anesthesia flow

MAC Brain

Informed anesthetic dosing

To facilitate decision-making when planning and dosing anasthesia agents, we created MAC Brain. Using mathematical models and data-driven algorithms, MAC Brain visualizes the difference in agent effect in the lungs and the brain - actings as a decision-support framework to help guide anesthetic dosing.[8]

Lung recruitment flow anesthesia

Lung recruitment

Gentle steps against atelectasis

Our lung recruitment maneuvers have become the tool of choice to counter
atelectasis, to improve oxygenation and help prevent postoperative complications. [9] [10]

Ventilation anesthesia flow

Ventilation performance

Offering ICU-grade ventilation

Innovative Flow Core Technology is designed to promote efficient agent usage, providing the power and precision to ventilate even challenging patients. [11] [12]

User-friendly anesthesia machines in the OR

The intuitive 15” rotatable and tiltable touchscreen is straightforward to understand and use, and lets you control everything from one place saving time. The Flow-i is easy to move, position and configure and it can be placed anywhere around the OR table, ensuring the screen is in reach. With flexible mounting options for both monitors and accessories, you can truly personalize your workstation. [13]

Flow-i is so easy to use, training new staff and external consultants is made much easier… [13]

Flow-i anesthesia machine height adjustable

Extra storage

Flow-i C20 provides you with the extra storage you need. Choose between two or three drawers.

Flow-i anesthesia machine height adjustable

Ergonomic choice

Flow-i C30 is unique in its height adjustability. Combined with a vast mounting and positioning flexibility you can tailor the machine to suite your working position.

Flow-i ceiling mounted anesthesia machine

Pendant version

Flow-i C40 is ceiling mounted, offering a two-part circulating radius, which results in a wide spatial range for the unit. The C40 facilitates cleaning and thus contributes to infection control.

Flow-i anesthesia machine

Flow-i anesthesia machine

1. 15” tiltable and 360° rotatable touch screen

Simple and intuitive interface, easy to learn and use

2. Open platform

Customize to match your needs

3. 170° rotatable arm

With dimmed LED lights

4. Flexible workspace areas
5. Extra workspace
6. Excellent ventilation performance

Treatment of any patient category

7. CO2 absorber
8. Electronic vaporizer

Precise and cost-efficient

9. Multipurpose rails

Extensive mounting options

10. Unique height adjustable function

Ergonomic choice (C30), adapting perfectly to your working position

11. Lockable wheels

Treatment of any patient category

Heltäckande service och support


Undvik att avbryta procedurer

Anslut och ta kontroll

Webbportalen Getinge Online ansluter dig till alla Getinge-enheter och ger dig tillgång till värdefulla data som hjälper biomedicinska analytiker och läkare i deras dagliga arbete. Portalen är ett kraftfullt verktyg för att förbättra drifttiden och effektivt använda sjukhusets resurser. 

  • Förbättra drifttiden i operationssalen
  • Minska kostnader och koldioxidavtryck
Man looking straight smiling

Ett enhetligt erbjudande

Getinges heltäckande tjänster maximerar drifttiden och det långsiktiga värdet av din investering. Vi tillhandahåller en serviceplan som innefattar proaktivt underhåll, enkel felsökning och snabb service av våra certifierade lokala representanter – så att din utrustning hela tiden fungerar optimalt.

Anesthesia consumables

Förbrukningsartiklar av hög kvalitet

Getinges sortiment av originalförbrukningsartiklar är särskilt utvecklat för högsta möjliga patientsäkerhet och användarvänlighet. Våra originaltillbehör och förbrukningsartiklar garanterar bästa prestanda och säkerhet för anestesitillförselsystemet inom Flow-serien.


Anslutningar mellan system

MSync gör det enkelt att ansluta Flow-maskinen till patientmonitorn, HIS och patientdatahanteringssystemet utan behov av ett tredjepartssystem. Patientdata överförs via HL7 (MSync) i realtid för att stödja beslutsfattande.

  • The Getinge Online web portal connects you to any Getinge device, getting access to valuable data that will support biomeds and clinicians in their daily work.

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