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Getinge EDS8 Drying and Storage Cabinet

Ensures disinfected flexible endoscopes remain microbiologically safe and ready to use

Getinge EDS8 Drying and Storage Cabinet

All patients deserve a clean and disinfected scope every time

Micro-organisms can grow to a dangerous level within a few hours, therefore unless your endoscope is dried quickly and protected against contamination a new treatment is required before it can be used on the next patient. Getinge EDS8 drying and storage cabinet ensures that up to eight disinfected flexible endoscopes are available for immediate use.

By drying and storing your clean and disinfected endoscopes in Getinge EDS8 you will eliminate the risk of infection from wet endoscopes and the time-consuming disinfection process in the morning. The drying and storage cabinet uses the same basket as our ED-Flows – improving the endoscope reprocessing workflow and limiting the risk of damage during handling operations.

Ensures disinfected flexible endoscopes remain microbiologically safe and ready to use

Proven independently to dry and maintain microbial integrity for up to 30 days in accordance with EN 16442:2015

Horizontal shelves prevent cross contamination between endoscopes

Common basket with Getinge AER's minimizes handling and endoscope damage during transfer

Efficient management of endoscope inventory via user-friendly, graphical display and integral link to T-DOC

Integral traceability of drying and storage function

Technical data

Measurements - external

Height 1,830 mm 72.0 in
Width 702 mm 27.6 in
Depth 805 mm 37.7 in

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