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We invite you to join this educational peer-to-peer event online!

Register now for our 3 sessions focusing on Heart-Lung Interaction and join us online on June 7th and June 8th. 

Block your virtual seats now:

15.10-15.40: Latest strategies of lung and diaphragm protective ventilation by Prof. Giacomo Graselli, Italy
15.45-16.15: PEEP setting and SRM by Prof.Fernando Suarez-Sipmann, Spain
16.20-16.40: TPP tips and tricks by Dr. Davide Colombo, Italy
16.40-17.30: Discussion     

09.00-09.30: Heart and Lungs: friends or foes by Dr. Henrik Endeman, The Netherlands
09.35-10.05: Fluid responsiveness evaluation by Prof. Manu Malbrain, Belgium
10.05-10.20: Discussion 

12:15-12:45: ECCO2R why and for whom? by Dr. David Pestana, Spain
12:50-13:20: Anticoagulation management during ECMO and how it can improve H-L interaction? by Prof. Mirosław Czuczwar, Poland
13:20-13:50: Discussion     

Please see below the sessions' learning objectives:
• review the latest lung and diaphragm protective 
• learn evidence-based strategies and tools to improve ventilation strategies and tools
• learn different options on how to check patient’s fluid responsiveness
• enhance your understanding of heart-lung interactions patient outcomes in heart and lung-related conditions
• understand ECCO2R and ECMO applications
• explore practical applications of heart-lung interactions in clinical settings

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Online event

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