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Getinge Assured EO Tape

Tape for ethylene oxide sterilization packages

The Getinge Assured Tape (Ethylene Oxide) is designed for use in ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizers operating at 600 mg/l EO gas, 40-60% Relative Humidity, 54°C for 45 minutes or longer.

The word "gas" turns green after exposure to an EO gas sterilization process, thus providing identification of processed items.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Getinge Assured EO Tape is for use in ethylene oxide sterilizers

Getinge Assured EO Tape offers:

  • Two widths, 18 mm and 24 mm
  • Color change from brown to green
  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140-1, Type 1
  • For use in Ethylene Oxide sterilizers

Technical data

  Order No.
Getinge Assured Tape 18mm Ethylene Oxide 504053600
Getinge Assured Tape 24mm Ethylene Oxide 504053700