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Explore our broad portfolio within cardiac, pulmonary and vascular therapies, intensive care products, as well as products and solutions for surgical workflows and hospital infrastructure.

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Connected Solutions

Getinge Online

Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment with Getinge Online, our connected solution th...

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Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

Advanta V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stent

The market leading balloon expandable covered stent encapsulated in one piece of PTFE.

Advanced Monitoring

PiCCO Technology

Simplify hemodynamics and learn how to understand complex conditions with PiCCO

ProAQT Technology

Your navigator in perioperative hemodynamic management

CeVOX Technology

The CeVOX Technology uses the method of spectrophotometry

LiMON Technology

Non-invasive monitoring of liver function or splanchnic perfusion

PulsioFlex Monitor

Modular platform with intelligent visualization for advanced patient monitoring


Flow-i Anesthesia Machine

The Flow-i combines superior ventilation performance with smart decision support tools in an easy to use workstation. Th...

Flow-c Anesthesia Machine

Flow-c is a compact anesthesia machine where every detail has been designed to ease the daily work, enabling cost-effici...

Ceiling Devices

Maquet Modutec

Making everyday tasks easier.

Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units range ensure vital utilities and equipment are easily accessible, streamlining w...

Cleaning & Disinfection

Getinge 9100-series

Getinge 9100-series helps you with your high-capacity reprocessing needs in an energy-efficient design. From utensils to...

Sink units

Stainless steel sink units well-suited for most kind of reprocessing departments such as CSSDs, TSSUs as well as healthc...

Spray-gun rinser

Designed for use within soiled pre-cleaning areas in reprocessing units. Especially suitable for fine-mesh instruments.

Tables for wet goods

Designed for heavy-duty sorting of wire baskets and containers, wet goods, and as a general storage table.

Getinge Ultrasonic Cleaners

A CE-marked range of free-standing Getinge Ultrasonic cleaning units for special instruments and glassware.

Wall cabinets

Specially designed for use within smaller medical clinics and dental clinics. The wall cabinets can also be used within ...

Wall Shelf

Stainless steel wall shelf with smooth edges.

Getinge Clean Management System (CMS)

A central dosing system that can be linked to washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, and manual cleaning stations to ...


Physical barrier between the soiled and the clean area.

ED-Flow single door

The Getinge ED-Flow SD (single door) AER is the solution to combine high productivity and installation compatibility in ...

Getinge Chemical incident kit

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Getinge ED900

The Getinge ED900 is an automated endoscope reprocessor (AER) which performs washing, high-level disinfection and rinse ...

Getinge EDS8 drying and storage cabinet

Ensures disinfected flexible endoscopes remain microbiologically safe and ready to use

Getinge Automation System for washers

Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for 3-10 washer-disinfectors

Smart Loading Trolleys for washers

Ergonomic and easy to maneuvoerloading and unloading trolleys for washer-disinfectors.

Loading equipment for 86-series, 88 Turbo & CM320-series

Combine as you like, change when you need.

Loading equipment for 46-series

Getinge da Vinci solution

A comprehensive cleaning solution for da Vinci EndoWrist® instruments.

Getinge 46-series

A washer-disinfector, with suitable accessories to meet your demands for 8 to 10 DIN trays. Cost-effective from day one.

Getinge 86-series

A smarter washer-disinfector in every way.

Getinge 88 Turbo

Getinge 88 Turbo ensures superior cleaning and disinfection of loads of up to 15 DIN trays.

Getinge CM320-series

A multi-chamber pass-through washer disinfector for up to 15 DIN trays

Getinge WD46 Turbo

Fast and compact washer-disinfector of up to 10 DIN trays.

Getinge WD14 Tablo

A fully automated tabletop washer-disinfector

Getinge WD15 Claro

Under-counter washer-disinfector for up to 6-DIN trays.

Getinge WPT

Your plug-and-play water pre-treatment unit



Getinge Clean offers a complete, comprehensive range of instrument cleaning detergents and maintenance products to meet ...

Wash Monitors

The indicator is placed strategically in the device and provides an indication whether the process was sufficiently run ...

Tyvek Sterilization Packaging

Getinge Pack Tyvek Sterilization Rolls and Pouches are intended for use at vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and ozone s...

Standard Sterilization Packaging

Getinge Pack Flat Sterilization Rolls and Pouches are intended for use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterili...

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch

Getinge Pack Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches are intended for use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers ...

Daily Machine Release

In accordance with International requirements (EN ISO 17665-1) the Bowie-Dick test remains the benchmark for the daily t...

Load Release

The Load Release products provide you the assurance that the correct conditions required for effective sterilization hav...

Pack Release

When a pack is opened, the OR staff can quickly verify that the conditions for sterilization were achieved and that the ...


LINEAR® 7.5Fr. IAB Catheter

Features an innovative membrane and a 7.5 Fr. size.

MEGA 7.5Fr. & 8Fr. IAB Catheters

The MEGA IAB family offers greater hemodynamic support and higher efficacy for every patient, at any height.

Sensation® 7Fr. IAB Catheter

The smallest IAB catheter, combined with innovative fiber-optic technology that automatically calibrates in vivo.

Sensation Plus® 7.5 Fr. & 8Fr. IAB Catheters

A technological first in improved hemodynamic support, easy-to-use IAB fiber-optic technology.


A giant leap forward in functionality and versatility.


The smallest and lightest intra-aortic balloon pump ever produced by Maquet.

CS100® IABP with IntelliSync®

IntelliSync offers one-button start up, the CS100 automatically adapts to changing conditions.


Intra-aortic balloon pump combining fiber-optic speed with automatic in vivo calibration.

STATLOCK IAB® Stabilization Device

Designed to securely attach both the sheath seal and "Y" suture pads of the Maquet Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheters to a p...

STATLOCK PSI® Stabilization Device

An adhesive-based alternative to the suture and tape securement of sheaths.

Covered Stents

Advanta V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stent

The market leading balloon expandable covered stent encapsulated in one piece of PTFE.

Extracorporeal Life Support

Cardiohelp System

HLS Set Advanced

The HLS Set Advanced provides complete monitoring and is specially developed for veno-venous or veno-arterial extracorpo...

HLS Cannulae

Designed for veno-venous and veno-arterial vessel access. These cannulae provide easy and reliable connection of periphe...

AVALON ELITE Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter

The world’s first single site, kink resistant, veno-venous device designed to enable optimal extracorporeal life support

Rotaflow Console

The Rotaflow console operates independently as a stand-alone console with its own battery back-up and power supply. It a...

PLS System

PLS System (Rotaflow Console with PLS Set)


A workstation for extracorporeal support devices and applications in the operating room and intensive care unit, as well...

Inspection & Packing

Inspection & Packing tables

Tables specially designed for sorting, inspection, functional control andpacking of various items for wards, clinics and...

Inspection lamp

Designed for work with visual inspection at the CSSD or other smaller sterile units in hospitals and clinics.

Linen inspection and folding table

Specially designed for sorting, inspection and folding of reusable surgical dressing sets and individually packaged towe...

Paper-dispenser trolley

Designed for storing sterile wrapping paper sheets for packing instrument trays at the packing table prior to sterilizat...

IWS After Sales

IWS Project Management

IWS Project Management ensures hospitals a successful implementation and on time delivery of projects through efficient ...

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IWS Implementation & Application Services

IWS Implementation & Application Services supports hospitals through successful hardware and software implementation and...

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IWS Support

IWS Support provides customers with valuable help and guidance during implementations, upgrades, and updates and for tro...

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IWS Training

IWS Training ensures hospitals a better implementation process and optimal use of their Integrated Workflow Solution thr...

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Mechanical Ventilation

Servo-u Ventilator

The next step forward in making protective ventilation more accessible, understandable and easy to implement.

Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator


Ventilation where the patient’s own respiratory drive controls timing and assist delivered by the ventilator.

Servo-air Ventilator

Servo-air is easy to use and independent from compressed air and external power supplies. It makes owning, learning and ...

Servo-i Ventilator

A wealth of features and functionalities for treating adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Servo-s Ventilator

Ventilator based on proven Servo technology, ensuring safe, reliable and high quality ventilation.

Servino - iNO delivery system

Device for accurate, safe delivery and monitoring of inhaled Nitric Oxide for all patient categories

Modular Room System

Modular Room Systems

Rooms with high technology density must be configured to respond to changing trends. The modular room systems from Getin...


Collagen (Original Equipment Manufactured)

Bovine Type I collagen for medical grade applications.

Operating Lights

Maquet PowerLED Surgical Light

A surgical light that is intuitively easy to use and generates no shadows or overheating.

Maquet H LED Surgical Light

A long-lasting surgical light based on LED technology.

Maquet Volista Surgical Light

Consistent, natural-color illumination is essential to the safe interpretation of a patient’s condition. Maquet Volista ...

Maquet Lucea 50-100 (Double Fork)

Ensures accurate positioning through new spring arm with additional rotation axis

Maquet Lucea 10-40 Examination Lights

A versatile, multi-functional light designed for a variety of medical specialists

Maquet Satelite Anchoring System

Creates a multimedia hub in the heart of the operating room.

Maquet Orchide HD Camera

A slim profile for unlimited positioning versatility.

Operating Tables

Maquet Alphamaxx Mobile Operating Table

Mobile universal operating table which offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum comfort.

Maquet Betaclassic Mobile Operating Table

High-quality and cost-efficient mobile operating table

Maquet Meera Mobile Operating Table

High performance combined with exceptional flexibility and an attractive design.

Maquet Yuno II Mobile Operating Table

Improve outcomes with advanced surgical workflows in orthopedics, traumatology and neurology.

Maquet Otesus Operating Table System

Maquet Otesus is the evolution of the proven Maquet Alphamaquet 1150 Operating Table System,hat you’ve trusted for moret...

Maquet Magnus Operating Table System

Extreme positioning options and optimum access for best possible support for the patient and surgical team.

OR Furniture

Getinge Medical Furniture

Getinge'sOR furniture range is known for its safety and durability.

OR Integration


Tegris manages the operating room – including surgery video routing, music, data management, device operation and custom...

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Patient Flow Management

INSIGHT Emergency

INSIGHT Emergency enables healthcare professionals to quickly adapt to acute, real-time changes through flexible priorit...

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INSIGHT Patient Ward

INSIGHT Patient Ward promotes streamlined patient care through tailored and predefined treatment plans, helping to reduc...

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INSIGHT Surgical

INSIGHT Surgical helps you maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources in the Surgical Departme...

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Patient Transport

Transmaquet 1975/1955

Gentle and safe patient transfer without lifting.

Sealing equipment

Getinge ProSeal

Areliable rotary sealer for every need. Provides validated sealing of sterile bags and pouches.

Sterile Supply Management

Getinge IMS

Getinge IMS is the easy-to-use instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution that ensures any facility ...

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Getinge Marking Solution

Getinge Marking Solution offers permanent, nondestructive and high-quality marking of instruments, endoscopes, tags and ...

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Meditrax is the complete manual traceability and quality assurance solution that enables you to protect your patients an...

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Scantrack is a traceability solution dedicated to providing you with effective management of your reprocessing departmen...

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T-DOC 1000 SDM

T-DOC 1000 SDM is a mid-tier solution that provides uncompromising quality assurance by documenting and tracking all pro...

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T-DOC 2000

T-DOC 2000 optimizes the sterile supply workflow by managing instruments, endoscopes, pre-sterile and non-sterile goods ...

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T-DOC Endo

T-DOC Endo manages and documents the complex handling and reprocessing specifications of your endoscopes. Ensure accurat...

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Traybax is a traceability solution designed to enhance the decontamination management of any facility.

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Surgical Assist Systems

Getinge Surgical Assist Systems

Getinge Surgical Assist Systems are a special group of operating table accessories that focus on proper patient position...

Transport & Storage

Basket Racks

Single or double basket racks for use with Getinge SPRI modular wire baskets.

Smart Distribution Trolley Hard Cover

Getinge Smart distribution trolleys hard cover (DTHC)are designed for the effective, ergonomic transport of baskets and/...

Smart Distribution Trolley Open

Getinge Smart Distribution Trolleys Open (DTO) are designed for the effective, ergonomic transport of baskets and/or con...

Trays & Baskets

Fine-mesh trays and baskets

Fine-mesh sterilizing and processing trays and baskets designed to interface with modular sterilizing, processing basket...

Instrument trays

Stackable stainless steel instrument trays.

Wire baskets

Modular wire baskets made of stainless steel. Come in three different standards: ISO, DIN and SPRI.


Smart Loading Trolleys for sterilizers

Loading and distribution trolleys for sterilizers.

Getinge Automation System for Sterilizers (AGS)

Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for sterilizers.

Getinge GSS67F

Getinge GSS67F performs chemical sterilization using steam and formalin (formaldehyde dissolved in water) – a very safe ...

Stericool A-series

A vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and plasma sterilizer usedfor terminal sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive...

Getinge GSS67H

A steam sterilizer reducing your utility consumption but boosts your throughput.

Getinge HS33-series

High capacity in a small footprint

Getinge HS44-series

For high capacity at point of use

Getinge HS55-series

Reliable and easy-to-use steam sterilizer

Getinge HS66-series

Well-proven steam sterilizer

Getinge K-series

Surgical Perfusion

Heart-Lung Machine HL 20

A complex high-tech concept reduced to the essentials for the benefit of both patient and perfusionist

HCU 40 Heater-Cooler Unit

Easy, rapid and precise temperature control are essential requirements for a hypo-/hyperthermia unit for use during extr...

MetaVision Perfusion

Advanced patient data management system that supports perfusionist workflow

Quadrox-i Adult & Small Adult

A significant member of the family of oxygenators

Quadrox-i Neonatal & Pediatric

One of the world’s smallest oxygenator with an integrated arterial filter.

Rotaflow RF-32 Centrifugal Pump

One of the smallest centrifugal pumps available.

MECC System

New perspectives on patient-focused cardiothoracic surgery.

MECC-i for Cardiohelp System

Pioneering minimized perfusion.

Hemoconcentrators BC

Provides optimum conservation of patient blood and considerably minimize the need for homologous blood products.


A polymer comprised of hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas