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In the production space Getinge provides sterilizers for components, equipment and tubs as well as terminal sterilization. In Biomedical research and the vivarium, Getinge offers sterilization systems meeting the need for reprocessing of cages and racks. Dedicated laboratory sterilizers provide reliable processes for a variety of applications and lab requirements.

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Getinge BioPharma Series Steam Sterilizers

Getinge BioPharma Steam Sterilizers are based on compatible modular units that can be integrated and installed to for...

Getinge Life Science Series Steam Sterilizers

Getinge Steam Sterilizers provided sterilization for many types of applications in biomedical research, animal care f...

GEB Steam Sterilizers

Unique gas-tight barrier system (bioseal) available for high-risk labs, with third-party (notified body) certificatio...

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

Closed-loop water system for heating and cooling

GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

Solid stainless steel rectangular chambers

GEV Steam/Air Mixture Sterilizers

Smooth production flow

Lancer LSS series Laboratory Sterilizers

The controller interface is designed to permit easy user access. Multiple displays are arranged on the graphical user...

Noxilizer RTS Series Sterilizers

Ultra-low temperature sterilization, 10°C – 30°C.

Sterilizer Loading Equipment

Ergonomic design

STERSTAR 2 E-beam Tub Surface Sterilizers

Getinge STERSTAR 2