GEW washer
GEW washer screen


Cabinet materials are engi­neered for best performance in sanitary applications.


The GEW 8668 biotech/laboratory washer-dryer is a high performance machine developed exclusively for demanding applications in life science, biotech, biopharma and allied industries.

Getinge is committed to supporting industry professionals who accept personal responsibility for delivering repeatable results day after day. Every feature of the GEW 8668 washer-dryer is engineered to improve the user experience and minimize uncertainty.

Efficiency is integral to the GEW 8668 washer-dryer. Factory loaded wash and dry programs can be programmed on site with custom parameters to match the exact requirements of the local protocol. A combination of loading racks and a spa­cious interior chamber permit high density loading to reduce cycle frequency, accelerate throughput and reduce energy consumption.

Advanced control features offer simple single button opera­tion of preset or locally programmed cycles selected from an intuitive touchscreen controller. The microprocessor-based Getinge G1 controller is managed through the Getinge CEN­TRIC graphic user interface to simplify cycle selection and operation.

Cabinet materials are engi­neered for best performance in sanitary applications.

Integrated drying system with heat exchanger, temperature and (optional humidity) sensors ac­celerates drying time and increases throughput.

Getinge CENTRIC one-touch operation simplifies user interface, permits visual verification of cycle process and accepts gloved touchscreen function entry.

Technical data

Chamber Volume (L) 351 (Effective), 480 (Gross)
Net Weight (kg) 400
Chamber Width (mm) 665
Chamber Height 667
Chamber Depth 810
Exterior Width (mm) 1110
Exterior Height (mm) 1962
Exterior Depth (mm) 990


Automatic Loaders and unloaders

When the washer is ready for loading or unloading, it is done automatically. The wash carts have barcodes that start the right wash program for the particular cart. Automatic loading and unloading is a handy option that reduces handling time and releases the operator to perform other tasks.

Getinge AGS system (Air Glide System)

The principle of the Getinge AGS is "no waiting". Wash-carts are loaded into the washer-dryer in the order of their arrival, since the wash-carts for all washer-dryers queue up at one single point.The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically.

Wash carts

Getinge provide loading equipment engineered for optimal cleaning performance and best throughput/cycle. Multiple wash carts are available that enhance flexibility for different loading scenarios to fulfill user requirements.


Labware cleaning

Both process development and quality assurance laboratories require clean and sterile laboratory utensils and glassware. Getinge offers cleaning and sterilization solutions for many labware applications.